Updated on 19/7/24

Our prices for Fish and Langoustine are fixed throughout the year as we only sell these locally. Our prices for Crab and Lobster vary on a weekly basis and reflect the general demand in the market throughout the UK and Europe, because as well as selling these locally we also sell to a shellfish merchant too.  By pricing this way it means as a customer you receive a fair price all year round and we do not lose money selling locally when demand elsewhere is high.

Any price changes for Crab and Lobster will normally be updated on a Friday, and include a 10% surcharge on top of the wholesale price. This covers the extra time it takes to process the orders, especially the extra paperwork involved. It is an unfortunate reality that it is much easier for boats to sell shellfish for export than it is to sell locally, which is one of the reasons why it can sometimes be difficult to buy fresh seafood on the West Coast Of Scotland direct from fishing boats.

The price you pay is the one valid when you collect your order, not when the order is placed.

For trade prices please contact us.

SpeciesPrice £/kgSize GuideAvailability
Brown Crab2.50Small: 500g -1kg
Large: 1kg+
Lobster14Small: 500-700g
Medium: 700g-1kg
Large: 1kg+
Small/Medium: Good
Large: Good
Langoustine18Mixed grade, average 10-15 per kgGood if pre-ordered
Langoustine Tails14Average 80-100 per kgGood if pre-ordered
Mackerel8Average gutted weight 200-400gGood if pre-ordered
Pollack/Lythe7Average gutted weight 1-2kg+Good if pre-ordered
Coley/Saithe5Average gutted weight 800g-1.5kg+Very limited
All other speciesP.O.A.variesvaries